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Sheriff candidate debate

Sheriff candidates square off in debate

Wrinkle, Merritt differ on use of reserve officers

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Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 12:29 pm

Democratic challenger Wayne Merritt and incumbent Republican Sheriff Richard Wrinkle squared off in a debate for sheriff candidates Thursday.

The event was hosted by the Lebanon Tea Party Patriots at the Mills Center Thursday evening.

Gubernatorial candidate Republican Dave Spence had indicated he might attend the Tea Party meeting, but he was unable because of a scheduling conflict.

The sheriff candidates offered brief opening remarks, then fielded questions from moderators.

A difference in philosophy arose when asked about the use of volunteer deputies to reduce costs.

Merritt, a lieutenant with the Lebanon Police Department, said he hopes to make use of multiple reserve officers if elected.

“I want to get good, trained reserve officers. I’ve got people out here that are retired, and people that want to make a difference in the community. ... If you put people in an area, a zone, and keep an eye on that zone, you have a pretty good shot of catching somebody.”

Merritt said he plans to have two people in the patrol cars, a deputy and a reserve officer. “Officers don’t like to go to a bad call and not have somebody to back them up,” he said. “... They’re going to be qualified, they’re going to have their certifications, and they’re going to know what to do. I’m not just going to put anybody out there that’s running rampant and wants to fight or anything else. They’re going to have a head on their shoulders.”

Wrinkle disagreed with the advisability of using reserve officers on patrol. “The first guy that I worked with at the police department, he said, ‘If you’re by yourself, you know what you can depend on.’ If you got somebody with you that you really don’t know, you might think you have some help when you don’t.

“My deputies always go by themselves. ... We might have a car that’s 30 miles away from them. We back up our people the best we can.”

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  • momma_bear posted at 3:59 pm on Tue, Sep 18, 2012.

    momma_bear Posts: 8

    Mam, this store just opened. Why don't you give your local law enforcement time to do their job and investigate. People think something big like that gets opened and can be closed the next day. It doesn't work that way. How long was Lucky's opened in the city before the DEA shut them down?? I do believe years mam!! No one was saying the city department wasn't doing their job when the "novelity" store sat there for 2 years in town.

  • posted at 7:15 am on Tue, Sep 18, 2012.


    How about the current admin do something about the "new" synthetic store that just opened out on N5 hwy across from Mike's Country Store!! They just closed down or raided this place when it was by the doughnut shop and now they reopen out of town and blantly smoke and sell this garbage outside and inside the store!!
    Take off the blinders Lebanon!!!! if Wrinkle cant handle it, now, then what will this town be like in a few years? Do you want your children on this stuff, because they can buy it at a head shop that uses "novelties" as a front for it's shady dealings?[sad]

  • momma_bear posted at 7:58 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    momma_bear Posts: 8

    There are many officers that pull over many people, When I got pulled over I didnt like it but that doesn't mean I am going to go bash that officer for doing their job. It sounds as though you are for law breakers sir. I am also for family and community and if you dont want children to suffer yet again.. DONT BREAK THE LAW!! Everyone else can do it.. Yet we are supposed to feel sorry for ppl who break the law on misdemeanor because their family will be affected. Easy fix... Don't break the law!!! Don't bash the very people who are here to protect you sir because I am sure that Deputy McMains would put his self in danger to protect you and your family and your community, if that means arresting ppl for breaking the law misdemeanor or not . So maybe your next comment should be to thank ALL the law enforcement in your community for the fine job they do. And next time tell your family members not to break the law so their children do not have to suffer.. Sir your blaming the wrong ppl..

    Another note.. If an officer stops you or goes to a call and your arrested then there are more people that are involved in order for a warrant to come down in order for someone to stay in jail, Sir maybe you should also concider that as well!!

  • 2nd_mouse_gets_the_cheese posted at 7:36 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    2nd_mouse_gets_the_cheese Posts: 2

    oh i know lets just do away with all misdemeanors that way people can beat each other up, steal from everybody and any other minor crime just so little cry baby bed wetters will stop complaining on public forums and shut up. oh and i know the first place im going to send them, PersonOfInterest house. lets see if you call the law then and want somebody arrested. [angry]

  • PersonOfInterest posted at 2:12 pm on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    PersonOfInterest Posts: 4

    His arrests are so high because he makes illegal stops. Any officer could do it if they pulled over who they wanted to as he does. The folks he doesnt arrest arent gonna waste their time filing a complaint and the ones he arrests dont have a leg to stand on. I know this cause he stopped me for a fabricated reason. I work in an office of 5 people and another person I work with had the same thing happen the same month. It should be assesed by a professional. As far as the misdemeanor comment. I am for family and community. I dont believe in putting those children under such high stress over such a minor offense. I have seen my neices go through it. And by the looks of the jail roster a lot more kids. Than they are burdened by a bill $1000 plus not sure excact amount. They get jail time if its not paid monthly. Sounds hard to do if you lost your job. For quite a few it introduces them to an easy life and they become professional prisoners at Missouris expense. MDOC FACTS.

  • momma_bear posted at 12:51 am on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    momma_bear Posts: 8

    If someone is arrested and they go to jail, lose their job and their family has to be on welfare.. My advise would be.. Don't break the law!! I think that the deputies and officers uphold the law by arresting people with warrants and somehow its the officers fault.. Umm .... No! These men and women have a very hard job and if someone has a warrant, no matter what its for, their job is to arrest them. If one officer can arrest 41 people then instead of criticizing him, I think he would deserve a pat on the back. It's simple you break the law you get punished if it effects your family then that's your fault, not law enforcement's.

  • i_hate_stupid_people posted at 12:29 am on Sun, Sep 16, 2012.

    i_hate_stupid_people Posts: 1

    Are misdemeanor offenses not allowed jail time per your views? It does not matter if the charge is felony or misdemeanor, if it's against the law, it's against the law. The deputies job is to uphold the law, and enforce it. And here's a little lesson for you...If you're arrested by a deputy/officer, it has to be approved by the prosecutor and the judge prior to the offender being charged, which means there is enough evidence against them to charge them with that offense. The deputy does not determine if you stay, that's the PA's job. So learn some respect, because LCSO deputies do a heck of a job out there. Every one has something negative to say about the department, until you need it. And FYI, it's a lot of Felonies too.

  • 2nd_mouse_gets_the_cheese posted at 11:33 pm on Sat, Sep 15, 2012.

    2nd_mouse_gets_the_cheese Posts: 2

    first of all get the deputies name right it's McMains, and please give us some samples on how he violates constitutional rights so he can correct any mistakes he might make and adhere to the laws that YOU expect them to.

  • PersonOfInterest posted at 9:05 pm on Fri, Sep 14, 2012.

    PersonOfInterest Posts: 4

    Somebody should have asked them why the jail is full of midemeanor offenders. They go to jail, lose there job and their family has to get in a welfare line and we pay the bill. Wrinkle bragging on 1 deputy with 41 arrests in a month, more than the whole lpd.. [smile] I'd say he is speaking of McMannis. He is not robocop. He violates constitutional rights. The boys at the LPD could do the same but they adhere to the laws like they expect us to do.