Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ is one of the best action films in years

Baby Driver

Filmmaker Edgar Wright is the conductor of a seemingly runaway train, taking his audience on an auditory and visual thrill ride that they will never forget in his latest movie, “Baby Driver.”

Wright, who is probably best known for his comedies like “Shaun of the Dead,” takes an incredible leap forward in his evolution as an artist and filmmaker. Not that I didn’t like those movies (in fact they’re some of my favorites), Wright drops his juvenile yet smart schtick for one of the most visually and auditorially striking film I’ve seen in years. Not only is the movie smart and oozing with style, it features some of the best action films in ages. It makes those “Fast and the Furious” movies look like some kind of straight to Redbox fare.

“Baby Driver” tells the story of a young and talented wheelman nicknamed Baby (Ansel Elgort in a breakout role). When Baby was a teen he tried to steal a car from the wrong guy and has been paying for it for years.

The car’s owner, a mysterious crime boss named Doc (Kevin Spacey being typically awesome Kevin Spacey), is mad that his car was taken, but is mesmerized by the young thief’s skills. In return for not killing him, Doc forces Baby to be a driver on a number of heists that he masterminds.

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