Carmen McCulloch: 25 years of looking after babies


Most people’s work schedules are delineated by staff meetings, coffee breaks, and lunch hours.  Carmen McCulloch’s day is marked by play time, lunch time and nap time. When her son, Ray was not quite two years old, Carmen left the typical work life behind to open her own business, Carmen’s Day Care. Nearly 25 years later, she is still busy five days a week, fixing little meals, filling baby bottles, changing diapers, wiping noses, picking up toys and enjoying the giggles that come with each day.
“I worked at McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Bennett Spring State Park and even tried waiting tables for a week,” she laughed while recalling her previous work history. “Here, it’s just me and the kids and they are the best part, no doubt. The nice thing is they are never hateful, no gossip, no back-stabbing and the only schedules I have to keep are my own. And we do keep a schedule. The kids do so much better when it is the same each day. When nap time is over and I turn on the light, they knew they can get up but if they want to still lay there, they can do that, too. Some days, that’s just what you feel like doing, no? So they do, too. I never wake a child up from a nap and I also don’t take kids who don’t take naps. You know, once in a while, you have a parent telling you, well, my child does not take naps and I’m like, that’s okay but they need to go someplace else.” Her laughter follows.

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