Cleo likes to watch things grow


Cleo Crabtree’s porch and the sidewalk leading up to it are full of pots containing vincas, petunias, ferns, calla lilies and chrysanthemums, and until recently zinnias bloomed in a flower bed at the front right hand corner of his yard. In explanation of his hobby, Crabtree said he just likes to watch things grow.
“Everybody always says, ‘Cleo, you’ve got a green thumb.’ And I say, ’No, it’s not my thumb; it’s somebody else’s thumb. I didn’t have nothing to do with starting this.’” Crabtree stated. “I put the seed in the ground. Something else makes it work.”
The Sunbonnet Garden Club has chosen Crabtree’s yard at 303 Elizabeth Drive as its Yard of the Month for September. Crabtree lives in one half of a duplex that he owns, and in addition to caring for his own yard, he plants flowers at Elizabeth Drive’s dead end.
Crabtree said that he has been gardening since he was a child, when he said his family raised what it ate.
“It’s just a habit,” he stated. “I mean it’s just something you grew up with, and a lot of times when you grow up with something, you just stay with it. And I just like to grow stuff.”

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