Former customer James McCoy buys the Lunchbox Cafe

LDR photo/Aaron Jennings
James McCoy poses for a picture in the Real McCoy’s Lunchbox Cafe, which he recently purchased.


A new owner is bringing changes to a long-established downtown cafe but intends for the restaurant to retain its friendly atmosphere.
James McCoy purchased Mary’s Lunchbox Cafe about two and a half weeks ago, and the establishment already has a new menu, lower prices — and a new name.
McCoy was a customer before he was the owner, and he wants the restaurant — now called the Real McCoy’s Lunchbox Cafe — to be a gathering place for community members.
“Being a pastor of a church, of the Tabernacle of the Living God, a lot of times when I would have to counsel somebody, I’d want just a nice, quiet setting, or just a friendly setting,” McCoy stated.
“I would bring them over here and get them a cup of coffee and we’d talk. So there’s a connection there, where I want people to be connected to this place where they have memories. Where they say, ‘Well, you know, that’s a good, safe place where we can go. That’s a place where we can go and eat and gather.’ Just a good, safe atmosphere.”
McCoy said that he wants the cafe to be a place where people can gather, have a good meal and have a good time.
“I don’t want that sterilized atmosphere,” he said. “I want real, hometown, family atmosphere.”
McCoy is the pastor of the full-gospel church Tabernacle of the Living God, and he also owns the antique shop Rustic Charm.
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