The Hall family Christmas display on Fairfax has more than 40,000 lights

Light display

LDR photo/Delevan Ogle

The Hall family has been growing its Christmas display at 254 Fairfax Drive for the past few years. This year the display includes more than 40,000 lights. The lights are connected to a device that allows them to be synchronized to music. Pictured, the Halls’ house and yard are all lit up at night.


Deck the Halls is an apt phrase for the sights and sounds at 254 Fairfax Drive in Lebanon as the Halls yearly refine and add to their holiday display.

Robert Hall moved to Lebanon from Kansas City and its famed lights in 2005 to get away from the big city life. He soon started a family with his wife Jessica and they have a daughter, Payton, 8. Of course, Robert Hall said kids, including his own, are a big motivator for his and Jessica’s efforts to bring about the dazzling holiday display. However, there is something else that has prompted the Halls to go all out during the holidays.

“Giving me inspiration to do the big lights was the Jones’ Christmas display at  Christmas in the Holler. That was my big motivation of doing it here in the city because some people can’t travel,” Robert Hall said. “Whenever I saw that, I guess you can say I was trying to keep up with the Joneses … that and my daughter. She has helped me as long as my wife, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

“This year I added some technology with a light controller that plays music and makes the lights dance and some synchronizers … trying to get all those in sync; I am definitely not a technical guru.”

The light controller Hall uses takes essentially no programming. He said it has six preset songs and one can tether with a Bluetooth device with small adjustment for synchronization. Hall encourages onlookers to knock on the door and give a holiday music request.

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