Keep those resolutions this time

LDR photo/Chris Roden

Allie Ramer monitors Christine Hutson’s progress and form with dumbbells in her fitness routine. Ramer’s clients work in half-hour or hour-long sessions.

Chris Roden

With the official start of the holiday season, New Year’s Day and a lot of seldom kept resolutions will soon flounder and die in a shrinking pool of good intentions.

A time-honored resolution is “I will lose weight this year and get in good physical shape.”

For some, what seemed possible on January 1 seems like something to be forgotten come April 1 or sooner.

For others, they want to continue but just do not have the knowledge or the support to keep going in a productive direction to lose weight and gain muscle and endurance. 

“You hit a point where you know you need to do more, but you don’t know where to go with it,” Allie Ramer said.

Working as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness for five and half years, Ramer has seen that resolution cycle in action in non-clients.

“That initial 10-pound drop that usually comes when you first get active, that plateaus, so people stopping comes from a lack of knowledge about fitness a lot of the time,” Ramer said.

Hence comes the need for personal trainers. Typically, it is the weight gained through huge holiday meals and snacking that provides the motivation. 

Ramer said being proactive and preventing that weight gain in the first place can be an equally strong motivation to start a fitness regimen.

“There is statistically a spike in weight gain over the holiday period...but you’re not going to put on as much weight if you’re more active,” Ramer said.

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