FROM LEBANON TO HOLLYWOOD: LHS graduate John Finley stars in his first film

John Finley

Photo courtesy of “I Can Only Imagine”

John Finley, or, as his Screen Actors Guild card says, J. Michael Finley, does a scene with veteran actor Dennis Quaid in the movie “I Can Only Imagine,” which has a March 2018 release date. The movie is based on the true story of MercyMe lead singer and songwriter Bart Millard, who wrote the hit song also called “I Can Only Imagine.”


John Finley. It is a name familiar to some Lebanon residents in their twenties and early thirties. They went to Lebanon High School with him or one or more of his siblings.

In March of 2018, his name may be a bit more widely known, or perhaps the variation he had to use on his Screen Actors Guild card thanks to another actor named John Finley: J. Michael Finley.

Finley, 29, wrapped his first film in January. It is called “I Can Only Imagine,” and it is based on MercyMe lead singer and songwriter Bart Millard who wrote a popular song by the same title when he was inspired by the loss of his father to cancer.
MercyMe is a Christian band, and Finley plays Millard with veteran actor Dennis Quaid playing his father.

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