Long Lane teenager accused of making a racist comment toward a Sedalia basketball player

LPD Public Information Officer Det. Sgt. Kacie Springer

LPD Public Information Officer Det. Sgt. Kacie Springer


The Lebanon Police Department has sent a juvenile referral for a Long Lane teenager who allegedly made a racist comment about the Sedalia’s Smith-Cotton High School basketball team in late January.
On March 2, the Lebanon Police Department closed a case concerning an act of racism that allegedly occurred in a local McDonald’s following a Jan. 20 basketball game between Lebanon and Sedalia.
On Jan. 21, a Smith-Cotton parent told police that her son’s basketball team stopped at a Lebanon McDonald’s after the game. The woman reported that as the athletes were leaving, a McDonald’s patron pulled out a taser, sparked it, and stated, “Let’s make the (racial slur) jump.”
LPD Public Information Officer Det. Sgt. Kacie Springer said Wednesday that after interviewing 20 people, the police department came to the conclusion that a taser was involved, but it was not aimed at the Smith-Cotton team.
According to Springer, a Lebanon area resident was playing with a taser in the restaurant and sparked it, causing herself and others in the area to jump. Springer avoided quoting what was said next, but she said that the Long Lane teenager used a racial slur to comment on the basketball team’s reaction to the taser.
“From after that, obviously it kind of upset some of these students, it upset the coaches,” Springer stated. “It looks like they went on about their business, went out to the bus, and one of them had left their phone inside, so one of our area residents had taken their phone out to them and apologized for the juvenile’s racial slur.”
The incident took place after Sedalia-Smith Cotton lost a basketball game to Lebanon, and following the game a Sedalia student was wanting to fight people, according to Springer. The same student had to be escorted out of McDonald’s to the school bus.
However, Springer said that as far as she knew the Sedalia basketball players were the only people from the game who went to McDonald’s afterward, and it was unclear how the specific incident in the restaurant was started.
In addition to interviewing 20 people, the LPD also obtained surveillance video from McDonald’s, but the video did not show anything significant, Springer said. Surveillance cameras on the Smith-Cotton bus were not working properly at the time of the incident. Springer confirmed a report that there was a gun present in the parking lot but said that it had nothing to do with the incident and that two people were passing it between them in a vehicle.
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