LTCC Building Trades students get in on a new construction trend


Last year, students at Lebanon Technology and Career Center (LTCC) built a traditional and regular-sized residence. But this year students are going a little trendier with the construction of two tiny houses.

Why tiny houses?

“We wanted something a little bit different,” said David DeNooy, Building Trades technology instructor. “It’s kind of a hot thing right now, but it’s also a little bit of a smaller project and the students don’t get overwhelmed with say, 250 sheets of drywall versus 40 sheets. Each phase of construction is just a little bit smaller and they can get exposed to more in a shorter period of time.”

The morning and afternoon classes each have their own project.

“This year we’re doing two identical houses, 12 feet wide by 32 feet long. The morning class is building one and the afternoon class is building the other one,” DeNooy said.  He added the homes will be about 350 square feet finished, plus the students hope to use new technology as much as possible “so it will be a really good product.”

Why two tiny houses?

“The beauty of doing two is one’s the morning and one’s the afternoon class so the morning comes here and they’re not allowed to touch the afternoon class’ and vice versa,” DeNooy said. “So it drives a little bit of competition, which is a good thing when the students take ownership of it and they want to compete and keep up or go ahead of the others.”

He said students have designed the floor plan, they’ve run the electric lines and now they’ve moved on to the plumbing.

“By the end of this year hopefully, we’ll be ready for roofing and windows and next year we’ll do all the interior and exterior finishes,” DeNooy said.

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