Mitchell accuses mayor of sexism

Mitchell v. Ray

LDR photo/Steve Smith

Councilwoman Sheila Mitchell, left, had a tense discussion with Mayor Josh Ray (right) at Monday’s Lebanon City Council meeting over the mayor’s proposed appointments to city committees. In the center is Councilman Jim White.


The Lebanon City Council failed to approve the mayor’s appointments for two city committees after the typically routine list of board duties became a point of contention for the Council Monday night.

Councilwoman Sheila Mitchell objected that all of the city council committee appointees were men and accused Mayor Josh Ray of sexism.

“I find that offensive,” she said. She accused the mayor of using the appointments to be “vindictive against the proposed  personnel manual  that you don’t like. Either that or you’re just truly sexist in this matter, sir, and I don’t appreciate it.”

“I didn’t raise a strong independent daughter to grow up and have to deal with this stuff,” Mitchell said.

Mayor Ray denied that sexism had anything to do with the appointments.

Mitchell also criticized Ray for not keeping regular office hours.

“Our citizens can’t reach you. We can’t reach you,” Mitchell said.

Ray said citizens are able to reach him when needed.

“I don’t take vacations all the time, but I do work in this community,” he said. “You know where I was today? Trying to raise my kids by putting food on the table.”

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