No Limits: Off-road chair has 'opened up a whole new world' for local businessman


Keith Russell has his hobbies.

When he is not out at the gun range practicing for his next shooting competition or teaching concealed carry classes, he is probably at Cruisin’ 66 Motors next to the Mills Center selling used cars with his dad, Steve.

The car lot is also where Keith sells a unique product for this part of the country, and it is a product that allows him greater freedom than the electric wheelchair he requires because of a spinal cord abnormality.

At 27, he is the vice-president and chief demonstrator of an Action TrackChair dealership called Outdoor Mobility Incorporated.

The Action TrackChair is an all-terrain wheelchair that gives people with disabilities the opportunity to experience some off-road action.

What is eye-catching about the Action TrackChair is its wheels, namely, its lack of wheels. The Action TrackChair has tracks like a tank that give it off-road capability and a zero turn radius.

“You give up the ability to go inside tight areas, but it’s more stable for off-road…there are benefits and tradeoffs with anything,” Keith Russell said.

At about 350 pounds, his Action TrackChair is no lightweight, and it is much wider than a standard wheelchair.

“It not going to fit inside of a normal mini-van or anything,” Russell said.

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