Overcrowded: Sheriff considers turning jail's gym into more jail cells

Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap is looking at a possible solution for overcrowding at the county jail.
Millsap said space that was used for a gym could be put to use to add more room for the facility’s growing inmates population.
“There is space that was a gym that we’re going look at to see if we can revamp that and make it a housing unit,” he said.
The gym area is currently wasted space, he said.
The jail should still be able to provide the required amount of activity for inmates, according to Millsap.
“They’re mostly in pods, which gives them some ability to move around, which they are required to have,” he said.
Millsap said he isn’t looking at any kind of major expansion until the current space is used up.
“We can do that at, I think, a much cheaper price than what we could do in a major building expansion,” he said.
Any kind of expansion would be years away, he said.

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