Prisoners smuggle drugs into county jail

Laclede County Sheriff's Office patch

Prisoners smuggled drugs into the Laclede County Jail last week.

Prisoners have used several methods of smuggling it into the jail.

“Our issue that we’re continuing to see is a number of people who are out on the street that are users that have now figured out the cops can’t check their body cavities,” Millsap said.

A problem Millsap identified was female prisoners smuggling in drugs by hiding them in their body cavities.

“Because we are a jail, not a prison, we cannot do body cavity searches unless we have probable cause that someone actually has it in them. Then we have to get a search warrant, and they take them to the hospital to have that removed.”

Millsap said the cost of an x-ray type machine to detect the contraband would be $140,000.

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