Surviving meth


Drugs and a success story. These words do not often find themselves in the same sentence.

They can, however, when someone ends their addiction when the odds are stacked against them.

Growing up in an area where meth is so widely produced that its area code, 417, became a sort of brand name was a handicap. Being a bit rebellious was another. Her peer group was the final straw.

It starts out as a choice, but then it turns into almost a necessity, she said.

She is an LHS graduate now in her twenties. Her estimate of the percentage of LHS students in her grade who did drugs on a regular basis was 10 percent.

The estimate rises to 100 percent when only her close friends were considered.

"I didn't hang out with people who didn't at least smoke weed," she said. At just 10, she smoked marijuana for the first time at a friend's house, and at 11 she was what she terms a full-blown pothead."



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