Traffic stop leads to drug arrest


A traffic stop for expired plates ended with drug possession charges for a Falcon woman.

After being pulled over for expired plates, a 22-year-old Falcon woman with prior drug convictions gave a Lebanon officer her consent to search the vehicle, which turned up more drugs, according to a Lebanon Police Department report.

The primary officer saw a clear baggie that apparently contained methamphetamine on the driver’s door seal. The officer arrested the driver and then asked her to identify the meth as her own, which she eventually did as well as admitting she had dropped it while trying to conceal it just prior to the stop, the report said.

She further allegedly admitted, according to the report, that she had concealed a bag of marijuana and a syringe in her body and stated the syringe belonged to her 24-year-old female passenger.

The officer mirandized the passenger who then denied ownership of the syringe and consented to a personal property search that was negative, according to the police.

Additional investigation of the vehicle’s console revealed a two glass cylinders containing a white residue. The driver stated those were new and hadn’t been used yet.

The field test confirmed the meth identification. The driver went to the Laclede County Jail, the report said.


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