Woman tells deputy she’d rather walk

Laclede County Sheriff's Office uniforms

A Maryland woman decided walking was better than a cab ride to Jefferson City.

According to a report filed by a Laclede County Sheriff’s Department deputy, he spotted a white car with Yellow Cab markings parked on the side of the road at 11:30 a.m. Friday on North Missouri 5.

When he questioned him, the driver said his passenger, a 36-year-old woman from Maryland, had told him someone was in the back seat trying to kill her, and she wanted out of the taxi.

The driver told the deputy he stopped the woman and asked for $85 in payment. She gave him a credit card, and he was waiting for approval. The deputy put the woman in his patrol car to question her about her story. She told him she had been to Harrison, Ark., by bus and had missed her bus in Springfield as she returned.

According to the report, she told the deputy she was nervous about riding with a male driver all the way to Jefferson City where she intended to catch a train.

The deputy and his sergeant now on the scene advised the woman it was a long way to the next town and they offered her a ride back to Lebanon. She declined and asked the deputy to take her to the county line.

When the deputy got as far as Route E, the woman said that was far enough and wanted out. The deputy told her it was still a long distance to a town. She said she understood and exited the patrol car.

When the deputy contacted her father, he said his daughter was stubborn and would do what she wanted.



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