What are you thinking about?


Do you ever get the feeling that nobody thinks anymore - that they give no thought at all to what they do or say? You go to public places like Walmart and see the way people dress, especially the words on the T-shirts they wear, or you read about personal family problems being played out on Facebook, or you read the newspaper police reports of how people conduct their lives, and you just have to wonder “what were they thinking?”

I have employed people over the years either to work in my insurance office or to help me with the house, and I sometimes had to post signs on the filing cabinet reminding them to think instead of just guessing, or to just use common sense once in a while.

Beyond these fairly minor and mundane things which we encounter daily, there lies a much deeper and serious issue that is clear to anyone who reads or listens to the news - that very few people think for themselves before speaking or acting.

Thinking is hard. I get it. It takes time and requires clearing your mind of a hundred distractions so you can focus in on a single issue.

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