LMS students honored at annual awards assembly

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Lebanon Middle School Principal Tom Merriott speaks Tuesday during the annual Boswell Awards Assembly at the middle school.

About 180 Lebanon Middle School students were honored Tuesday at the annual Raymona (Bethurem) Boswell Awards Assembly. During the assembly, several middle school students were awarded scholarships, and others were recognized for exceptionally high performance in specific subject areas. The ceremony also included awards for general academic achievement as well as attendance.

At the assembly, Hanna Esther,Grace Baker, Kaia Cobleigh, Jace Keagey, Isaac Ledbetter, Drew McBride were each presented with the $3,500 Boswell Foundation Student Honors Scholarship.

Cole Harrill and Lydia Massey were presented with the Darrell M. Cook Courtesy Awards, which come with a $500 college scholarship.

Mary Uder was presented with the "It's a Great Day to Be a Yellowjacket" award, which comes with a $300 scholarship from Lebanon Middle School staff, and Garrett Lee was presented with the Luthy Memorial Spelling Award, which comes with a $50 prize.

Natalie Myers and Jason Assafeen were presented with the Ellis C. Rainey Best Citizen Awards.

Additionally, the following students were recognized as outstanding choir students:
Eighth graders Destiny Coffey- Locke and Joseph Gerling, seventh graders Gracie Reid and Blain Mizer, and sixth graders Reece Rhoades and Dylan Ross. The following students were recognized as outstanding instrumental musicians: Makanda Sode, eighth grade woodwind; Taylor Beckley, eighth grade brass; Abbey Twenter, seventh grade woodwind; Taylor Teubner, seventh grade brass; William Palmer, seventh grade percussion; Austin Childers, sixth grade woodwind; Denver Lopez, sixth grade brass; Case Warson, sixth grade percussion.

The following students were recognized for excellence in art:
Maleah Grace, sixth grade, Haylee Barker, seventh grade and Andrea Eidson, eighth grade excellence in pottery.

The following students were recognized for excellence in industrial arts and modern technology:
Logan Philips, excellence in eighth grade industrial technology;Kaia Cobleigh, excellence in eighth grade automation and robotics; Garrett Shortell, excellence in seventh grade design and modeling.

The following students were recognized for excellence in family and consumer science or food and nutrition:
Jasmine Smith, seventh grade food and consumer science; Mikayla Brainard, eighth grade foods and nutrition.

The following students were recognized for excellence in drama and debate:
Madison Keith-Keirsy, eighth grade, and Haylei Hash, seventh grade.

The following students were recognized for excellence in computer studies, business applications or yearbook publications:
Hailie Mings, eighth grade business applications; Addison Segebarth, eighth grade yearbook publications; and Adrianna Hufford, eighth grade computer studies.

The following students were recognized for excellence in physical education:
Eighth graders Angelica Mendoza and Joshua Tamayo, seventh graders Jocee Pettyjohn and Collin Wilson, and sixth graders Jaidyn Collins and Austin Hendrix.

The Iron Jacket Award goes to the student with the highest power ratio for bench press, squat and power clean based on their weight. The following students earned the Iron Jacket award:
Eighth graders Jayla Wells (power ratio of 3.32) and Isaac Ledbetter (power ratio of 4.64).

The following students received the 2017 Principal's Academic award:
Christopher Adkins, Justin Alvaradocali, Tyler Anderson, Grayson Anthony, Jason Assafeen, Grace Baker, Austin Barber, Brooklyn Barber, Taylor Beckley, Ashley Blechl, Houston Brackett, Mikayla Brainard, David Carlson, Grant Carr, Eric Clement, Kaia Cobleigh, Destiny Coffey-Locke, Collin Cones, Julianna Daniel, Alyssa Deckard, Kylie Doublin, Luetta Dulong, Hailey Elder, Hanna Esther, Cameron Fisher, Kirsten Franklin, Cole Harrill, Cobe Helton, Daily Hemphill, Tyler Hopkins, Jade Humphreys, Isabelle Jay, Michael Jones, Jace Keagy, Kelsey Keen, Kasen King, Kara Kirkland, Carli Knopf, Dylan Krisher, Hannah Layman, Isaac Ledbetter, Cedryk Lopez, Lydia Massey, Kyle Maynor, Haley McBride, Walker McDermott, Tessa Meints, Kierra Miller, Taylor Miller, Natalie Myers, Elizabeth Nutter, Emily Perry, Olivia Pruitt, Simon Rogers, Madison Sanderson, Sam Schafer, Gabriel Schiller, Addison Segebarth, Saige Simmonds, Makanda Sode, Paige Stelling, Abby Stunja, Derek Tucker, Jasmine White, Tyler Williamson, Avery York, Joshua Zachary.

The following students were recognized for perfect attendance for the 2016-2017 school year:
Kian Alford, Makayla Barker, Cain Beal, Kendall Brown, Eric Clement, Quinton Doughty, Zachary Douglas, Jenna Eley, Hanna Esther, Hanna Farahzad, Grant Fullerton, Dakota George, Adam Ginnings, Mathew Greer, Ashleigh Hash, Samuel Herdman, Logan Johnston, Michael Jones, Kyle Maynor, Kaleb Nail, Nicholas Rodriguez, Antonio Rogers, Michael Shafer, Marc Tracy, Mary Uder, Kaitlyn Welch, Emily Westerman, Tyler Williamson.

The following students missed a total of less than five hours of schol in the 2016-2017 school year:
Emma Allen, Chance Arthur, Owen Blunt, MacInzy Cook, Xenith Crews, Victoria Dailey, Kaitlyn Darst, Sabrina Dixon, Sierra Elmore, Zoe Engram, Joseph Gerling, Jocelyn Grimm, Chelsea Hamm, Shyan Hearod, Cheyanne Hess, Brandon Hutson, Maddie Jay, Jadzia Jaynes, Kara Kirkland, Lorena Martinez, Blain Mizer, Kadynce Myres, Brianna Nichols.


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