Fidget spinners claim to be a fun toy and a stress reliever

LDR photo/Kelly Morgan

A display shows the different fidget spinners available at Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet.


Anyone who spends time with school-aged children already knows what a fidget spinner is.

The gadgets, which have three arms that spin around a stationary middle point like a propeller, became the latest kid craze sometime in the second half of the school year, and for the time being, every minor thinks they just have to have one — or seven.

Shepherd Hills Factory Outlet is one of several Lebanon retailers that stock fidget spinners, and co-owner Randy Reid estimates that the store sells a few hundred spinners each week.

“It’s just kind of a gadget to play with,” Reid stated. “Some people sit there and play with an ink pen, some people play with pocket knives, some people play with a fidget. ...Some of them have these stress relievers, they call them, that they just squeeze, or you flip, and this is just a version of those.”

Reid thinks that the fad started on the East Coast in December and appeared in the Lebanon area in about March.

Shepherd Hills began carrying fidget spinners about 50 to 65 days ago after Randy Reid’s 10-year-old grandson brought them to his attention.

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