French couple travels the Mother Road

Huguet and Rodolphe

LDR photo/Kelly Morgan

Pauline Fourcot and Rodolphe Huguet pose in front of their vehicle in front of the Lebanon Daily Record office. Also pictured are Huguet’s mother, Carole Delavnay, who is visiting them for 20 days, and Lebanon resident Jefrey Myers, who the couple met through


Rodolphe Huguet and Pauline Fourcot of France landed in Lebanon last week while couch surfing their way across the first of two continents and an island that they plan to visit in a year-and-half-long trip.

Huguet and Fourcot, who live south of Paris, are currently fulfilling their dream of world travel with the help of a website called

According to Fourcot, the website matches travelers with local hosts who are willing to open their homes for free.

Website users create a profile that includes information such as places they have lived and visited, languages that they speak and accommodations they can offer, as well as personal interests.

Fourcot said that the website allows them to meet locals from the area they are visiting.

“While we’re traveling, we want to meet people, and we also need to sleep in places,” she stated. “So there’s a few (ways) of doing it, and there’s a way that allows you do to both.”
Fourcot and Huguet say they both traveled “a lot,” before they met, and they have continued to travel together since becoming a couple about two years ago.

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