Branson glass sculptors set up shop at The Mall


In a hallway across from a sporting goods store, Christian Steel bends over a glowing torch, shaping two Pyrex rods into a small cat. Once the animal’s back legs and tail emerge, Steel turns his focus to its head. For a finishing touch, he vaporizes a tiny piece of gold between the torch and the cat, and the figurine turns an iridescent purple.
Steel, his father Mark Capel and their colleague Koty Crabtree are the three artists associated with The Glass Shop, a normally Branson-based business that has set up shop at The Mall for the 2017 Christmas season.
Steel’s mother, Jeannie McGuire, says that children sometimes protest when their parents tear them away from a glass sculpting demonstration, and she has seen 90-year-old women who have collected glass their whole life appear to be in awe of the process by which it is made.

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