Dana Hicks has a megawatt smile


Her’s is the thousand watt smile that lights up your day as you walk into City Hall to pay that Lebanon City Utilities bill. Dana Hicks, promoted to Lebanon City Utilities manager last year, has worked for nine mayors and mayor pro tems over the past 25 years and outlasted them all. “I’ve gotten along with all of them and been treated kindly by each and every one,” she remarked recently, seated at her familiar cubby hole window at Lebanon City Hall. “Just as important, I’ve gained knowledge, working with each one, learning more with each change in leadership.”

Dana’s job includes opening and closing accounts for city residents, arriving and departing and those moving down the street or across town. “I take in the money for city utility deposits and the monthly bills and all the many different ways folks can pay their bills now,” she explained. “People can pay here in person, on line, over the phone or through a bank draft. We have a new automated 866 number which customers can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and not even speak to another person, if they prefer. At the end of the day, any money we take in for the City of Lebanon, the Cowan Civic Center, the Lebanon Airport, and/or Lebanon Public Works is balanced out and put on the books for the City of Lebanon.”

She continued. “There are hard parts to this job, too, like when people get behind on their bills and that is an important part of the job, helping them to make payment arrangements. If a person gets behind, the best thing they can do is come in and let us help them figure it out.  We can work on it together and that’s how we get problems resolved. We want to be as helpful as we possibly can. I feel very strongly that it is my job to work with the public, the citizens of Lebanon because they are the ones who really pay my salary. And I keep that in mind at all times.

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