List of area college athletes


<a href= "" target="_blank">Justin Britt, University of Missouri</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Zack Cooley, Missouri State</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Will Cuffee, Missouri Southern</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Josh Mattes, Missouri State</a>

<a href= "" target= "_blank">Kody Parker, Avila</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Dave Stewart, Missouri Valley</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Rufus Sullivan, Missouri State</a>

<a href= "" target= "_blank">Deonta Wade, Avila</a>


<a href= "" target="_blank">Katie Dusengerg, Southwest Baptist University</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Krenda McClure, Southwest Baptist University</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Derek Showler, Southwest Baptist University</a>

<a href= "" target="_blank">Louis Tribble, Southwest Baptist University</a>


<a href= "" target="_blank">Justin Bryant, Southwest Baptist University</a>


<a href="" target= "_blank">Abbey Roam, Spring Hill</a>

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