Memories of school days past

Joan Hart

Joan Hart


It was about 62 years ago, and I remember it well. It was time for school to start, my first day of school at LJHS. Such excitement. I had registered that morning and was with some friends in the Joe Knight drug store, having a Coke. Another group of girls came in carrying shopping bags,  showing off the new clothes they had just purchased for school. I remember thinking that was so shallow. Getting ready for school wasn’t about clothes. My Grandma Dame made all of mine so that was never a big deal to me anyway.

School was about notebooks and paper and pencils, the ruler and protractor and erasers and all that good stuff. Back in those days, there were no printed lists available showing what the teachers expected us to have. There were no Wal-Mart employees moving everything in the store around to accommodate stacks and racks and boxes filled with school supplies, and frustrated parents and demanding children arguing back and forth about what was needed vs. what was wanted.

But there was a little variety store on Commercial Street just west of Medley Drug (in later years it was  O’Neils, but seems like it was called Osborns or Gambles at the time) which mailed out a folded flyer showing four pages of their school supply “specials,” and I eagerly anticipated receiving this flyer from year to year.

I pretty much wore that flyer to shreds just drooling over the tablets and notebooks and packages of clean white lined paper (I always thought the narrow lined paper was so pretty), the brownish bottles of “mucilage”with the rubbery top which you pressed against the paper to make the glue come out and the little white jars of paste that smelled so good with the tiny spatula to spread it.

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