Lebanon Legends League to be held Friday and Saturday

Photo courtesy Nicholas Mebruer
The Lebanon Legends League will be held Friday and Saturday at the Lebanon Middle School. Picture above, Lebanon head basketball coach Adam Thornhill coaches his team during the jamboree last season.


Current and former players are teaming up together for the fourth annual Lebanon Legends League, which will take place Friday and Saturday at the Lebanon Middle School.

The league will feature five teams that are comprised of both current players and former players.

Five players are named team captains and draft former Lebanon basketball players who have agreed to compete in the league.

Among the former LHS players who are back to compete this weekend are Brian Decker, Jordan McGinnis, Kyle McClure, Tyler Headley, Trent Millsap, TJ Overstreet, Kalem Copling, Ryan Howerton, Jack Ehrhardt, and several others.

More than 60 players have signed up to participate. Friday’s schedule will begin at 6 p.m. and will feature round robin play. The top team will earn a first-round bye in Saturday’s championship bracket.

Lebanon head basketball coach Adam Thornhill said that attendance is about the same as it has been the past two years.

“Percentage wise there really isn’t a huge difference in attendance,” he said. “As guys get older they retire so to speak, some guys are out of shape, and some guys don’t want to get hurt.

“We always want to invite people who completed their senior year of basketball, and we look forward to watching it grow over the next couple of years.”

Thornhill said that he always looks forward to seeing his former players at the alumni tournament and loves the connection between the current and former players.

“The whole purpose of this league was made for three different purposes,” Thornhill said. “Number one we want to create opportunities for our alumni to teach our kids and create learning moments for our current players.

“Number two is that we want it to be quality basketball and every year we have gotten a little better at that. Our alumni have been taking on a mentor type role, and number three is that we want our alumni to be able to come back and connect with our players.”

Thornhill mentioned throughout the three years the league has happened, alumni have developed good relationships with the current players and have served as mentors for them.

“What we love is guys like Ryan Southard, Kyle McClure, Kalem Copling, and Ryne Bechtel who build a connection with our current players and come to our games and support them,” Thornhill said. “It helps to build some relationship between our alumni players and current players.”

Thornhill also said that this league would not be possible without the generous support of First State Community Bank.

“They (FSCB) do so much for our town and program,” Thornhill said. “We are always grateful for their ongoing support, and none of this would be possible without them being kind enough to sponsor us and help us out.”



Ethan Christal (Captain)

Conner Lowe, Brian Decker, Daniel Garrison, Jordan Russell, Matt Alcorn, Jordan McGinnis, Isaac Gillen, Chris Davis, Keon Carter, Jacob Durbin, Collin Higbee, Ty Matlock, Caleb York


Kolby Dorris (Captain)

Ryan Howerton, Seth Douglass, Kyler Peace, DeVante Chew, Brock West, J.T. Dorris, Tyler Merriott, Cooper Lowe, Harrison Carr, Clayton Richerson, Brady Hayes, Josh Napper, Tyler Williamson


Cooper Hudson (Captain)

Ryan Southard, Ryne Bechtel, Andrew Adkins, Chet Posten, Josh Tabb, Cody Pentecost, Jeff Plake, Caius Gillen, Trent Millsap, Jack Ehrhardt, Antonio Rogers, Kasen King, Ty Chastain


Jordan Lewis (Captain)

Trey Overstreet, Kody Parker, Josh Lamkins, T.J. Overstreet, Caleb Pitts, Josh Archer, Chad Howerton, Caleb McGinnis, Hunter Allen, Connor Hicks, Terron Sizemore, Bryson Crowell, Garrison Smith


Dawson Zimdars (Captain)

Tyler Headley, Justin Howerton, Kalem Copling, Kyle McClure, Devon Zimdars, Ben Wallace, Anthony Taylor, Quenton Shelton, Grant Weaver, Grant Carr, Jace Keagy, Clay Menley, Junior Torres


Game Schedule (at Lebanon Middle School)


Friday (Main Gym)

Christal vs. Dorris 6 p.m.

Lewis vs. Hudson 6:45 p.m.

Christal vs. Hudson 7:30 p.m.

Zimdars vs. Lewis 8:15 p.m.

Zimdars vs. Dorris 9:00 p.m.


Friday (Aux Gym)

Hudson vs. Zimdars 6 p.m.

Christal vs. Zimdars 6:45 p.m.

Dorris vs. Lewis 7:30 p.m.

Hudson vs. Dorris 8:15 p.m.

Christal vs. Lewis 9 p.m.


Saturday (Main Gym)

4 seed vs. 5 seed 5 p.m.

4/5 seed vs. 1 seed 6 p.m.

2 seed vs. 3 seed 7 p.m.

Championship game 8 p.m.



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