Meet the 'Jackets: Cole Godwin

LDR Photo/Alex Boyer
Lebanon sophomore Cole Godwin (61) has played a key part on the Lebanon offensive line this fall. Pictured above is Godwin and the rest of the offensive line lining up for a play during a high school football game against Hillcrest on Friday night.


Lebanon sophomore Cole Godwin came into the season unsure of what his role would be with the LHS football team this fall, but after hours of hard work, Godwin has found himself as the starting center for the Yellowjackets this fall.

Godwin has started at center all five games for the ‘Jackets this season, and although he is young, has proven himself that he is a forced to be reckoned with.

Him and the rest of the Lebanon offensive line (RylanHoard, Malik Culp, Jordan Lewis, Korbin Smith and Andrew Stopper) have helped senior running back John Berry eclipse the 1,000 yard mark so far through just five games of the 2017 season.

Lebanon head football Will Christian gave credit to his offensive line after Friday night’s victory over the Hillcrest Hornets at ‘Jacket Stadium.

“A lot of kudos goes to our offensive line,” Christian said after Friday night’s win. “I thought they completely dominated all night and gave John holes to run through.”

The Lebanon Daily Record recently caught up with Godwin to talk to him about the football season so far.

LDR – What are some of your strengths on the football field?

Godwin – I feel that one of my biggest strengths on the football field is positivity. I know that me being positive on the field can resonate with my teammates. I also feel like my ability to communicate well, think fast, and adjust to different defense's with my offensive line are strengths that I posses.

LDR – What are some things you worked on this offseason to secure a starting job on the offensive line?

Godwin – This offseason I focused on the weight room and the field. Every time I stepped into the weight room I had to sell out to reach the goals and results I wanted. Working on the field was no different. Working on my speed and quickness was critical. I wasn’t just getting faster, I was getting in shape for the upcoming season.

LDR – What do you like most about playing center and what challenges does playing it present?

Godwin – I can't really pinpoint what I like about playing center … It is just something I have always done and love doing. As far as challenges go, the biggest one is definitely communication. During a game there is a lot going on and I must communicate with the offensive line to be able to adjust correctly and execute a play. If we fail to do so it can change the outcome of a game.

LDR – How would you say the season is going for you individually and as a team this year?

Godwin – I would say so far the season is going good for the team. We never give up when adversity is right in our face and that is a quality that some teams just don’t have. We as a team will continue to work on problems and kinks that we have and we are showing progress every day. The season for me individually is going good as well. I am learning everyday and gaining a ton of experience.

LDR – Who is your favorite football player?

Godwin – My favorite football player would have to be Ray Lewis. Ray to me just shows an insane amount of leadership and intensity. His motivational speeches are also very moving.

LDR – What do the words "Friday night lights" mean to you?

Godwin – When I think of " Friday Night Lights " it is really just a visual thing. I picture the YellowJackets  walking two by two, hand in hand into battle in front of 5,000 people.

LDR – Who has been the biggest influence on your football career?

Godwin – The biggest influences I have had on my football career are God, my family, the coaches and all of my teammates. Each one of my influences are guiding and pushing me to become the football player I am and am becoming.

LDR – What is your favorite football memory?

Godwin – My favorite memory (so far) was my very last game as a freshman. I got to play for the last time with the people I had grown up  with and knew all my life. It was truly special.

LDR – What other hobbies do you have besides playing football?

Godwin – One hobby I really enjoy doing besides football is fishing. I have been fishing all my life and it is something that I truly have a passion for.

LDR – What other extracurricular activities do you participate in besides football?

Godwin – Other extracurricular activities that I participate in consist of the LHS Fishing Team, Student council, FFA, and church.

LDR – What advice would you give to a younger football player?

Godwin – Anything is achievable if you are willing to work hard enough for it. Be coachable, be a great teammate, and work hard.


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