Meet the 'Jackets: Jayden Ivey



LDR photo/Alex Boyer
Lebanon junior Jayden Ivey is pictured above calling out plays during a high school football game on Firday night at Waynesville High School. 

Lebanon junior Jayden Ivey has been one of the most impressive players on the football field for the Lebanon Yellowjackets in the first two weeks of the season.

Ivey is the starting strong safety for LHS and worked very hard throughout the offseason, according to Lebanon head football coach Will Christian.

“I thought Jayden Ivey was all over the football field,” Christian said about Ivey’s performance at Waynesville on Friday. “He is always making plays and it seems like he is always all over the football field.”

During a week one victory against Rolla, Ivey finished the night with 11 tackles, three pass deflections and one interception. For his outstanding play during the game, Ivey was given the “Hammer Award”, which is an award handed out by Christian and his staff for being the defensive MVP during that weeks game.

“He made one of the best hits in high school football that I have ever seen,” Christian said. “I am excited to see what he can do the rest of the season."

The Lebanon Daily Record caught up with Ivey to talk to him about his offseason and expectations.

LDR - What are some of your strength on the football field?

Jayden - My strengths on the field are probably my toughness and quickness. I’m not afraid to hit and I’m fast to the football.

LDR - What are some things you tried to work on and focus on during the offseason?

Jayden - I’ve definitely been trying to improve my awareness on the field and trying to recognize the play before it happens.

LDR - What are some things you enjoy doing when you are not playing football?

Jayden - I definitely enjoy lifting weights when I’m not playing football. The good thing is that   are football program is big on strength so we get to lift a lot during the offseason and regular season.

LDR - What are some expectations you have for the team this season?

Jayden - I expect us to do some great things this year as a team. We just need to continue to put in work and the fans and the town of Lebanon will definitely be proud.

LDR- What got you interested in playing football?

Jayden - Football is something that I’m passionate about, and the biggest influence on my football career has actually been my wrestling coach from when I was young. His name is Gary Steffensmeier and he was a very successful college wrestler. He taught me a lot about life and working hard. He was definitely big on mental toughness which he forced us to become. He made us care ammo cans full of sand for miles. I definitely have been able to carry that over to my football career.


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