Meet the 'Jackets: Jordan Lewis

LDR photo/Jake Flanders
Lebanon sophomore Jordan Lewis (right) is a starting tackle and defensive linemen for the LHS football team and is expected to start for the LHS basketball team this winter.


Just a sophomore Lebanon’s Jordan Lewis is starting on the LHS offensive line and is expected to see significant time on the defensive line. At 6-foot-3, Lewis made plenty of key blocks in a week one 34-28 victory over Rolla, including a huge block that set John Berry free for an 80-yard touchdown on the ‘Jackets’ first play from scrimmage.

In a junior varsity football game on Monday at Rolla, Lewis played just one half, recording seven tackles, one interception, and a blocked punt.

All of this comes after Lewis had an impressive summer with the LHS basketball team, where he is expected to start as a post presence for the ‘Jackets during the winter.

After long three-hour football practices during the week, Lewis immediately heads to Boswell Auditorium for an hour long workout of shooting, skill work, and vertical workouts.

Lebanon head basketball coach Adam Thornhill had high praise for Lewis and his work ethic.

“Jordan is ready (to make the jump to varsity),” Thornhill said. “He has t rusted the process and worked hard, and it will pay off for him.

“I think he will have a big year for us in the winter and be successful with only being a sophomore.”

The Daily Record recently caught up with Lewis to talk to him about the football season.

LDR – What are your strengths on the football field?

Jordan – I’d say some of my strengths on the football is that I always have high energy and I have a great motor, and I never give up on the play.

LDR – What are some things you have been trying to improve on this offseason?

Jordan – A couple of things I’ve been working on this offseason is trying to get off the football faster and staying as low as possible and be a better teammate and leader.

LDR – What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing football?

Jordan – When I’m not on the football field I’m either in the weight room or I’m at basketball. I try to play basketball when not at football to help keep myself in shape.

LDR – When did you start playing football and what got you interested in the sport?

Jordan – I started playing football ever since I could walk. I’d always play catch with my dad in the backyard, and my mom was a huge football fan, and she always said how she’d love to see me playing on TV one day. Once she passed away when I was six, I told myself I want to make that happen, and that’s kind of what fuels me every day when I’m on the field or in the weight room or anywhere when I am competing.

LDR – What are some expectations you have for the team this year?

Jordan – Some expectations for this year are that we know we’re a great football team, and we can do great things, but we just have to stay focused and remain on one game at a time and don’t start looking at the big picture yet.

LDR – Who has been the biggest influence on your football career?

Jordan – The biggest influence for me and my career would probably have to be my dad. He’s never missed a practice or game or anything, and he’s always there to tell me what I could’ve done better and continues pushing me. He’s taught me a lot throughout the years.

LDR – What are the biggest differences in this years team compared to last year?

Jordan – I think some differences from last years team to this years team is we’re way more athletic and we’re all out there playing with a purpose and to accomplish a bigger goal than ever before.

LDR – Who is a football player that you try to model your game after?

Jordan – A player I try to model my game after is J.J. Watt. He’s a great football player, teammate, and leader. He’s always doing other things for his community, and a lot of people look up to him.

LDR – What game are you looking forward to most?

Jordan –  I try not to get caught in the hype of who we play, just take it one game at a time.

LDR – What position do you enjoy playing most on the football field?

Jordan – The spot I like playing the most on the field is the defensive end position. I love the hitting, tackling and stopping the opposing teams drive. It’s just such a boost of confidence when you go shut the opposition drive down, and they have to punt it.

LDR – What is your favorite sports memory and why?

Jordan – My favorite sports memory is last year when we played Ozark. Even though we lost, after the game seeing how everyone came together really showed that we were a team. Everyone knew we were going to get through it and use it as motivation during the offseason.


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