Poll: Voters do not agree with Britt’s decision


Polltakers have spoken and do not agree with former Lebanon football standout and current Seattle Seawhawks offensive linemen Justin Britt’s decision to support teammate Michael Bennett as the latter player sat during the national anthem, according to the results of an online poll on the LDR’s home website.

Britt was standing, but placed his hand on Bennett’s shoulder, who has sat two consecutive weeks during the Star-Spangled Banner. Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane also stood in front of Bennett during the anthem. Over the last year, NFL players have sat during the National Anthem before games in the name of racial equality.

After the game in an interview, Britt mentioned that he wants to support what Bennett is standing for and his beliefs.

“I wanted to support him,” Britt said. “I want to support what he’s standing for and his beliefs. I’m not foolish; I’m from Missouri, I get things are different in that area than in some other areas. I’m not against what the flag means and veterans—my dad was in the Army—so I’m not putting any disrespect to them. I’m just trying to understand the issues, trying to educate myself more in that regard, and show support. I’m going to continue to try to understand what’s going on in the world and why it’s happening because none of it’s right, none of it should be happening. So I’m going to continue talking with Mike and help myself understand. I wanted to take the first step tonight, and that’s what I felt like I did… I talked to him about it before to make sure it was all right with him, and of course it was. I feel like what I did, I believe in it, and I’m going to continue to educate myself and try to understand why things are going on.

“I don’t see it as leadership, I see it as something bigger than the team, bigger than this organization, bigger than football, and definitely bigger than myself. You can say it’s leadership, but I just did it because I support Mike. Being from Missouri and seeing things happening around the world that aren’t right, I just felt like I wanted to take a stand and be with Mike, and hopefully what I did encourages others to go out and look at it and really see what’s going on, not just be blind to it.”

When posting Tuesday’s story on Facebook, many members of the community spoke up about the situation.

59 percent (340 votes) voted that they do not agree with Britt’s decision.

“Shame on Justin, thought he was more patriotic.” Marlene Terry wrote in the comment section of the LDR article that is on Facebook.

“When has it become virtuous to support disrespect for the millions who fought and died for our flag and all it represents,” Jack Woodard said. “Shame on the spoiled, overpaid fools and the fools who find such disgusting acts to be inspiring. Boycott the NFL.”

36 percent (210 votes) of voters said they agree with Britt’s decision.

“Proud of Justin. Showing support while still being respectful!” Brittany Lyman wrote.

“Awesome. Proud of him. Empathy is virtuous. Bennett has a cause. The crowds that watch from the stands and walk, talk, eat, drunk beer, and shout insults during the anthem have no cause, and they also have no right to do so.” Kelly Thonrhill Byrd said.

Five percent of voters said they were undecided.

The Seahawks were slated to host the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday for their third pre-season matchup of the year.


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