Grow Your Business Through Customer Connections

(NAPSI)—Long gone is the time when customer purchase patterns were streamlined and predictable. Today’s shoppers are smarter, and there are multiple forces at work, including social media and paid advertising, which constantly influence customer decisions. Knowing your customers’ likes and dislikes is the only way to ensure your business stays top of mind throughout the buying cycle and beyond.

3 tips for getting the most out of working on a diverse team

(BPT) - Growing up, we’re constantly taught to play well with others. Did you know that skill might actually help you land a job? Nearly 80 percent of employers seek candidates who work well on a team, according to a National Association of College and Employers report. From automotive engineering to business management, odds are you’ll work alongside diverse individuals throughout your career.

5 parent tips for picking the right video games

(BPT) - With new game consoles, mobile devices and interactive experiences arriving just in time for the holidays, video games are certain to make the “most wanted” list for gamers of all ages. With so many choices, parents can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed trying to decide which games are appropriate for their children to play.

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